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Stony Hollow Road - Real Haunt in Burlington IA

  • Stony Hollow Road
  • Burlington, IA
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This road is believed to be haunted by a ghost named Lucinda. She reportedly committed suicide by jumping off a cliff when her lover did not meet up with her to run away together. There have been many reports of ghostly sightings and local urban legend says that if you call out her name three times, she will appear. If she drops a rose, you will supposedly die the next day.
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  • Not a place you want to visit if you're new to this kinda thing

    My friends and I went out here for our first ever ghost hunt with a few pieces of equipment. I was honestly expecting this place to be a joke with how far-out the legend is. Nonetheless, we drove over an hour out to this place and found a cliff that we thought the woman had jumped from. Things were calm for a while and we checked out the top of the cliff. I went into the woods with my friend while the remaining three stuck behind. The woods behind the cliff were very odd and unsettling. My friend and I are no strangers to forested and remote areas, but the second you get deep enough a wave of anxiety comes over you. It feels like there's eyes on you the entire time. We found well-traveled paths in the forest. There was no animal or human prints to be seen though, and the paths didn't make sense as one went straight off a cliff that was a 20ft drop. We also found what looked like a rain shelter or something, obviously human-made, in the middle of nowhere deep in the forest. There were very large branches and trunks piled on to make a roof of sorts, yet no signs of anyone even being nearby let alone staying there. There was also no sign of fires or anything, but there was a huge pile of tinder that could last you days out there. My friend and I came back, not really thinking much of it and just assuming there was people staying out there before us. We began taking out some EMF readers and scanning the area. Everything was completely normal, no electrical disturbances anywhere. We sat and asked some questions, but it was completely dead out there. We found a moderately thick branch with a piece of paper stuck inside it, folded up and packed tightly. I pulled it out and unfolded it, immediately to be faced with what I thought was some kind of Satanic cult symbol. Here is the link to the exact symbol drawn on the paper: https://images.app.goo.gl/bnS13yezxY16aFeV6 After I took this and examined it, not only a minute after, we heard a woman scream from our right side near where our car was parked. It was so loud that it was caught on video over me talking. We thought it was my friend, but he was crouched down on the ground below us because he felt extremely sick only moments before the scream. This was a common occurrence our entire time there. Every time something manifested it made my friend feel sick or dizzy. After the scream the entire area changed vibes. It felt like someone was always right behind you, watching where you couldn't see. Moments before the scream the entire forest went quiet. All of the birds stopped chirping, and they didn't make a noise for the rest of our time there. Needless to say, we were all unsettled. One of our friends checked out after the scream and sat in the car the rest of the time waiting to leave. Me and the rest of my friends decided to dig deeper for answers after making obvious contact. We took out a spirit box and immediately got responses. There are 3 distinguishable voices that are also present in other people's videos on YouTube as well. There's a female who wouldn't identify herself, who has a noticeable British accent that can be clearly heard sometimes. We believe this is Lucinda, as she died around the same time that British colonizers were in early America during the 1800's. We also heard a male voice who sounds oddly modern. After a lot of prying we finally got the name Aiden, which was not only confirmed but restated multiple times. There's another male voice that's much darker, and oddly distorted. Even when his voice was perfectly clear, it's as if it wasn't even a person talking. We were told there were 3 people there with us, and when asking for the third one's name we got the name Ans. Given all the evidence we had, we believe Aiden and Ans are the same entity. We think Aiden is a lure, and Ans is the one trapping people here. The woman argued with the males, and both male voices never spoke together. There was long pauses between the times they spoke and they never referenced eachother. To make things even more creepy, the woman cried and was distantly screaming through the spirit box. On top of that, during our communication there were several figures that were lurking around and peeking from behind the trees. One was solid black, the other wore something white. One of the sightings happened shortly after my friend asked "Are you looking down at us?" (From the cliff) to which it immediately responded "Yeah." While doing the Estes Method, my friends were constantly hearing noises and disturbances behind them on top of spotting things lurking. Not a single one was caught on video aside from a very hard to spot shadow figure. Aside from the scream, none of the other voices were caught on audio and were only capable of being heard with our own ears. We eventually wrapped up the spirit box and were heading to the car at one point when our EMF reader picked up on a strong, transient pocket of energy that was following us. It came about halfway to the car, dropped below knee level, then floated 8ft in the air and completely went away. These odd pockets were somewhat frequent and only appeared after the woman screamed for the first time. We had to leave to go home around 9pm. I did a final sweep with the EMF after we told the spirits goodbye and not to follow us. I did 3 full sweeps around the car, one face level, one ground level, one above head level. On the final sweep that was above head level, I got to the back of the driver's side that was pointing to the forest and immediately got a spike above baseline. It only went to the second zone, but at the same moment a woman audibly laughed from behind the trees, in the exact spot the scream came from. I nearly fell over and hurt my leg. We all ran into the car and peeled out of there. My friend that felt sick earlier didn't want to leave when we were trying to go. We eventually forced him to start driving. When we got out of the area and onto the main road, he nearly passed out at the wheel and had to pull over. After that happened we all felt a lot more at ease. We think whatever was there was trying to attach itself to him and that's why he didn't want to leave. The voices on the spirit box almost always responded clearly to him as well. Had we not left when we did, I think we may have had a much bigger problem on our hands. If you're curious about the location or details of our visit, we have a YouTube where the footage will be posted. You can find that here: https://youtube.com/@SomethingWicked-es3iq You can also email us if you have questions here: somethingwicked.yt@gmail.com My honest advice would be not to go here if you aren't experienced. This place got dark very fast and we will never be returning here.

    Posted 4/30/23

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  • Weird and scary

    The place has always had eary feeling seen weird things couldn't be explained and that was at day time to much chicken for night time but heard of kids being attacked scratched buy unseen force.

    Posted 2/21/18

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