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Halloween Events by City and County in Iowa

No matter where in IA you are, there are plenty of Halloween fun for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. Whether you’re close to the city, or located in a more rural area, there are plenty of haunted attractions in every region of IA. Wherever you’re located, there’s bound to be some festive fun for you to enjoy this season - make sure to use IowaHauntedHouses.com city guide to find the most exciting attractions near you this fall!

  • Circle of Ash

    Located in Central City
    (319) 540-3327
    Next open 10/6/23

    We are ready for you!
    The scariest haunted house in Iowa now presents three different haunted attractions all guaranteed to scare! Featuring a traditional indoor style haunted house experience, a walkthrough funhouse maze filled with terrorizing clowns, and a haunted forest brimming with monsters- Circle of Ash is sure to bring you an evening filled with screams. Tickets available now! Read More

  • Mayhem Haunted House

    Located in Ottumwa

    Next open 10/13/23

    On the third floor of the old county home, Mayhem Haunted is sure to SCARE! Hundreds of hours are spend each year on set design and décor. This haunt is not thrown together. Attention is paid to detail and on the best ways to get the best scare! Everyone involved in this haunted house are veterans to the haunt industry and it shows! Read More

  • The Deranged Haunted Attraction

    Located in Belle Plaine
    (319) 231-3577

    Rumer’s are going all around our small quiet town of a deranged local taking over the funeral home and meat market, to satisfy his taste of death. There has not been a burial in the cemetery for nearly 5 years now. It is believed, the bodies are laid out for a visitation at the funeral home then dismembered and fed the beast kept in the basement, with any leftovers being sold at the market. Read More

  • KW Paintball Zombie Shoot

    Located in Waterloo

    Ride our custom trailers through our paintball park and contain the infected zombie contamination by shooting zombies with our special neon filled toxic bullets. Read More

  • Tormented Souls Haunt

    Located in Madrid

    Dare to set foot on the hollowed 22 acres of
    spirits, zombies, demons and mayhem
    out in the middle of nowhere!
    Haunt or Hunt? or both? You Choose!

    Risk your life, your limbs in the haunted woods. Face your fears as you walk through chilling surprises lurking in the dark corners of the haunted outdoor maze!

    Zom... Read More

  • Scream Acres

    Located in Atkins
    Next open 10/6/23

    Now with FOUR spine tingling attractions all in one location, this Haunt is sure to "Scare you to the Bone!" Scream Acres Scream Park is Eastern Iowa's premier scream park featuring four attractions to satisfy your need to scream!

    A 2800 sq ft haunt... Welcome to the Carnival! Not for the faint of heart; this heart-pounding adventure blurs the lines between reality... Read More

  • Eclypse Haunted Attraction

    Located in Iowa City
    (319) 325-7669
    Next open 10/6/23

    Eclypse is a thrilling event that takes you through a monastery where you will come face to face with nuns, monks, priests, and the others that inhabit this sacred land. The further you go beyond those doors, the closer you will come to the portal to Hell. What waits beyond... You better hope you never find out! Read More

  • Thrashers House of Terror

    Located in Mount Pleasant
    (319) 214-0169
    Next open 10/5/23

    For over 17 years, from Clowns to Mad Doctors and all things that go bump in the night, Thrashers House of Terror has brought nightmares back to Mount Pleasant, Iowa. This 2023 Haunt Season, we have great things waiting for you and never seen before!

    Come visit the scariest and one of the most top haunted house attractions in Iowa - Thrashers House of Terror.

    We Dare You To Tak... Read More

  • Torment at Twelve Hundred

    Located in Orion
    Next open 9/29/23

    "Torment at Twelve Hundred" the Innovative Haunted Attraction.
    2023 Celebrates 20 years of the daunting saga where true Torment originates.
    This innovative haunt exceeds the boundaries of fear, sending you on a walking path through dark winding tunnels, outdoor wooded trails, highly detailed buildings and more.
    Rated a top 10 haunt Illinois!
    Non-profit concession stand... Read More

Halloween Attractions By County

Halloween Attractions By City