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Mars Hill Church and Cemetery - Real Bloomfield Haunted Place

  • 1011 100th Ave.
  • Bloomfield, IA
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The Mars Hill Church and Cemetery in Bloomfield features a log cabin style church that is one of its kind still in use in the United States. It is also the largest log building in all of Iowa. In the past, the building was once an active stop on the Underground Railroad and the cemetery marks the final resting place of at least one veteran from every single American war. The location has seen many ritual masses that are held in the middle of the night, with pentagrams and candles left behind as evidence. The spirits that linger here are believed to be that of slaves.

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  • Mars Hill Curse

    My name is Craig Kogel, also known as Booy. I was born in the year 1982 in Alton, Illinois. This is my testimony to what really happened with this life changing event to most honest that I can be... (Note); It was a nice summer evening I was driving in an unfamiliar area, I knew nothing of the History of any of these places that I'm about to mention. 3 THINGS 1 EVENT: #1. I was arguing with an ex girlfriend. I stopped the vehicle that I was driving on top of Cry-Baby-Bridge and I don't know why I did it, but I was trying to make my ex girlfriend mad so I told her that a lady jumped off of that bridge and killed herself and the baby that she was holding also. #2. We proceeded to make our way up the hill towards Mars Hill Church and I parked the vehicle across the gravel road from the church and I was trying to calm down the arguing so I told her that it was really beautiful out there, which it was.Thewind was blowing the tall grass everywhere and the lake down below was so sparkly. I Then told her that this place looked like the perfect place for Indians to do there ceremonies. I had to use use the restroom so I got out of the vehicle and relieved myself, I went in the tall grass and left fieces on the ground. #3. I drove out of the meadow and told her that the church that stood across from us was the spot where a witches were burned, mainly for cannalibilizing on babies a century or two before. Another sick and demented thing for me to say to make my ex girlfriend mad. Shortly after i drove to see a friend in the nearby town of Eldon and her husband found out what had happened and he made us leave, because he was mad and screaming at us that that land was forbidden! We could be cursed! Now know this: A lady really did commit suicide on that bridge and the Indians really did use to do ceremonies out there andthere has been sightings of a ghostly witch stalking the area out there! I never knew any of that! My friend from Eldon said that I would have to of had left blood on a full moon in order to be cursed... That night was a full moon and I left fieces on the ground and I'm pretty sure fieces has traces of blood in it or at least could have. Shortly after my life was turned upside down by a series of events, relatives dying, other relatives of mine lost their minds going crazy and turning lunatic, I always had a negative outcome for ever situation, I felt paranoid, depressed, isolated helpless, somewhat defeated, just pretty much in general beat down by life, no matter what It was I just couldn't do anything right in life, it felt as if the world was dragging me down as if Death was upon me. About 7 years one day it just felt like the world was lifted up off of my shoulders and it was as if my whole world was illuminated! Everything changed! My life changed into an uplifting spiritual experience! That's when I met the love of my life! She has witnessed me go through this event and believes the same thing that I do... That land is and should be forbidden! Something strange keeps drawing me to wanna go back there but I can't and never will go back there! I can't wait any more of my life living with that or like that! Don't go there please I'm begging you! I have better things to do other than make things up like this and spend a great deal of time sharing this event... This is my testimony. I can be reached at 6416807037

    Posted 10/30/23

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  • Mars Hill

    I visited Mars Hill on Jan 1, 2018. It was cold and sunny, middle of the day, and I was just out exploring. Pulled into the driveway and turned off my vehicle. Went to open the car door and the radio came on. Thinking maybe it was a battery issue or something, I decided to restart the vehicle and leave it running but turned the radio off. I am an avid cemetery walker. I have never been afraid to explore and look around. When I got out and took a few steps toward the church, I was hit with an immediate sense of uneasiness. I felt like I was being watched and that I was not alone and that whomever or whatever was with me definitely did not want me there. I took a few deep breaths and walked closer to the church. I snapped a few pictures and then started toward the cemetery, determined not to be spooked away. As I approached the cemetery, I suddenly had a pounding headache, nausea, and felt very dizzy. That was enough for me. I took one photo of the cemetery and went back to my vehicle. When I opened the door to get in, I noticed the radio was playing even though I had turned it off. It took a good 2 or 3 hours and a very thorough smudge to rid myself of the headache and nausea. I have not been back since then but am curious to see what response, if any, I would have this time around. Most definitely the most uneasy feeling I have ever had in a cemetery.

    Posted 2/20/22

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