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Hotel Julien - Real Dubuque Haunted Place

  • 200 Main St.
  • Dubuque, IA
  • (563) 556-4200
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The apparition of a man wearing period clothing has been seen on the upper floors of the hotel. Some believe it is the spirit of Al Capone, who stayed in the hotel frequently and is also rumored to have owned it at some point in time.
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  • 2 separate experiences

    In 2003 we were staying on the 3rd floor. Around 3 a.m., being an insomniac, I was laying in bed listening to 2 female voices conversing in a quiet way. I couldn’t make out words but clearly a conversation. Though the place seemed still of anyone still awake. Being a skeptic I chalked it up to 2 women in the next room. I still wonder about that though because…. What I cannot explain; I was wearing a sleeveless tank top. While I lay there, laying on my side with my back to my roommate, something what felt like a soft cloth about 5-6 inches wide, slowly and gently drag across my forearm, from the back to the front of my arm. Also I felt a slight presence, I cannot explain this away. There were no vents near me or anything to generate this touch. Secondly, this weekend 2023, we went back. Around 10 p.m. we were in the elevator just stopping at our floor (3rd floor again). The door opened only about 1/2” and slammed back shut, opened again, about 2 inches and slammed shut again, a third time opening about 12 inches and slammed shut again. Each being roughly 10 seconds or so between finally it opened far enough for one of us to get between the doors and push it open and get out of there before it slammed shut again, which it did. Now, this also could be explainable, (a malfunction of some sort) but I have never seen an elevator door snap back shut, quickly and abruptly like this did. And now I’ve just read that the elevator there “has a mind of its own”. And I think I believe it!

    Posted 9/21/23

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  • Arm in the pool

    We visited not long ago with my kids and while we were enjoying the pool my son was going down the steps to the pool and my fiancée and i both saw an arm come out and reach towards my son he was completely unaware why we screamed stop and ran to pull him out of the pool. We didn't not tell him what we saw because we didn't want to frighten them needless to say we spent the rest of pool time in the hot tub with kids. Then shortly after went upstairs. I wasn't scared of the boy or girl who seems to be in that pool but i definitely was scared for my children who easily cant touch the bottom. Ive tried hard to see if there was any incidents there of a child drowning but i haven't found anything yet. Im sure you would be fine as an adult but i honestly would never let my children swim in there again.

    Posted 5/20/23

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  • Bathroom light came on and female voices singing

    Recently my daughter and I stayed on the 8th floor. During the night I woke up to the bathroom light going on and then off. That same night I also heard what sounded like an all female choir. It was beautiful. The elevator definitely has a mind of its own however. Historic hotel with lots of charm.

    Posted 10/30/21

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  • Dark figured man on 8th floor

    I was there yesterday attending a wedding. My wife and I booked 2 rooms on the 6th floor of the hotel. I did not know anything about the hotels history. I was getting ready for the party when my wife asked me to get some ice for some drinks so I went reluctantly. I walked down the hall looking for the ice machine. I walked the hall found the elevator I was going to go to the main floor when I saw a sign saying what floors had the ice machines. I decided to go up to the eighth floor. I got off the elevator and as the doors opened I stepped out the hair on my neck stood up I felt uneasy. Finally I found the ice machine as I was filling my bucket I was looking down at it falling in. Through my perifirial I thought some one had walked past behind me I could smell cigar smoke I looked over to my left and I didn't see anyone so I brushed it off. I walked back towards the elevator I felt like someone was watching me but I didn't want to turn around as I was waiting for the elevator door I looked over and saw a dark figure of a man standing at the end off the hall way. Before I could blink the elevator doors opened and I was out of there lol.

    Posted 7/23/17

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  • Ghost

    Oh my I just woke up to the apparition of a naked man wearing a fedora floating above my bed

    Posted 5/28/16

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